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JAVA Programming Online Practice ExamCheck course
Programming for Kids and Beginners: Learn to Code in PythonCheck course
Practice Exams | Codeigniter 4 developer certificationCheck course
WordPress Practice Tests & Interview Questions (Basic/Adv)Check course
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Product is rated as #34 in category Data Structures and Algorithms

Algorithms power the biggest web companies and the most promising startups. Interviews at tech companies start with questions that probe for good algorithm thinking. In this computer science course, you will learn how to think about algorithms and create them using sorting techniques such as quick sort and merge sort, and searching algorithms, median finding, and order statistics. The course progresses with Numerical, String, and Geometric algorithms like Polynomial Multiplication, Matrix Operations, GCD, Pattern Matching, Subsequences, Sweep, and Convex Hull. It concludes with graph algorithms like shortest path and spanning tree. Topics covered: Sorting and Searching Numerical Algorithms String Algorithms Geometric Algorithms Graph Algorithms This course is part of the Fundamentals of Computer Science XSeries Program: Programming Basics Object–Oriented Programming Foundations of Data Structures Implementation of Data Structures

Instructor Details

Dr. Deepak B Phatak has been working with IIT Bombay since 1971. His main concern is improvement in the quality of education commensurate with the Indian national aspirations, on a larger scale. Towards this end, he has dovetailed the synchronous distance education, which he started 15 years ago at IIT Bombay, into an innovative program for training 10,000 teachers at a time. He believes in developing affordable technological solutions. He headed the national initiative on Aakash tablets. He has been an advisor and IT consultant to organizations and companies, and has worked on many company boards. He has won several distinctions and awards. He has been conferred ‘Padma Shri’ by Government of India.

Specification: Algorithms


42 hours









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  1. Anonymous

    Great course. Lectures are very well done, best I have seen so far. Programming assignments were also quite good even though they are in Java, which I didn’t know at the start of the course. Problem sets were good, but some work could be improve the interface. Everything was on time.

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  2. Anonymous

    I found this course quite challenging, but learned a lot. Discussion forums were very helpful, much higher standard than other courses I have taken. I enjoyed the lectures. Looking forward to part II. Lack of Java knowledge does make the course very difficult.

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  3. Anonymous

    Difficult class, not for beginners. PowerPoint presentation slides are boring. It seems Professor Sedgewick has taught this class so many times that he’ve got tired of it.

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  4. Anonymous

    This is probably one of the best class I took in Algorithm. Yes, the assignments are challenging but you learn quite a bit by just doing so. Furthermore, I found the lectures well done. I find the instructor quite interesting and am motivated to do the next course given by this instructor.

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  5. Wickwack

    This class (and part 2) are the best courses I’ve ever done online. The lectures are clear, concise, and interesting. The assignments are fascinating, touching on a whole range of topics (computational geometry, physics, etc.) while allowing us to use and adapt the algorithms discussed in lecture. That’s probably my favorite point: rather than have us blindly implement an algorithm described in lecture, the assignments invite us to adapt and use the algorithm in a real application.

    Another point: the course involves automated grading/feedback on the programming assignments. This feedback is incredibly detailed, giving information about error checking, performance testing, and even good coding style. As a new developer, I found this immensely helpful.

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  6. Anonymous

    I had some programming experience mostly in Python when started this course and it was very useful, interesting and inspiring. Prof. Sedgewick is a very good teacher.

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  7. Mark Wilbur

    This course is an algorithms class intended to be the 2nd course taken by CS students at Princeton. From what I could tell the course was pretty true to the actual Princeton class, and the automated grader was great. This algorithms class was well designed and I’ll probably take the follow up class.

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  8. Anonymous

    I read some books and do some classes about algorithms,but I think this class is best way to learn algorithms.Prof Sedgewick explain algorithms and data structures very good.

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  9. Wei En

    Professor Sedgewick’s explanation of algorithms and his use of visuals were excellent and instrumental in helping me to understand the content.

    The exercises tend to have a few challenging questions but a couple of questions which force you to simulate a computer and run the algorithms. Personally, I dislike these type of questions. On the other hand, the programming assignments are fun and force students to think out of the box. Also, the grading system is very detailed and gives a lot of useful feedback.

    In general, this course is an great fit for anyone who wishes to learn about algorithms and is new to the field.

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  10. Ilya Rudyak

    This is kind of specific course on algorithms authors have their own Java library, specific interests in applications and even their own terminology sometimes. This is course about Java realization of algorithms, not about math.

    The best part of the course is of course problem sets with rigorous tests. There are a lot of additional exercises in their book if you’re interested in programming of algorithms many of them are from job interviews.

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  11. Miguel Rey

    Worst course I’ve ever taken. I was really engaged to this course and spent many hours studying, taking neat notes, researching, making diagrams and trying to understand what Sedgewick says. I have a background in programming and strong knowledge of relatively advanced mathematical topics such as logic, calculus and proofs. Almost every subject he explains is like an enigma that you’ll have to find the answers to on your own. He does not care about explaining the concepts in an understandable manner. You have to read his book to have an clue of what he is explaining, since there is practically no material around about a lot of topics he covers; such as Quick find and Union Find algorithms and even so you end up even more confused because the lectures are inconsistent with what it is said in the book (the book alone does not help either). Also he’s always changing the naming conventions and does not care to explain what exactly he means when he refers to variables or programming concepts to his liking. For example there is an operation in a couple of algorithms which is mathematically defined as “find” from the first lectures. In two different lectures he says “find” to refer to a certain operation and later he uses the term to refer to something else that is not even in the slides nor in the book. Also he explained vaguely a WHOLE mathematical proof on the performance of an algorithm just in words without writing down anything that may remotely help you. This proof was quite complex, it involved logarithms and series among other things. If you want to go through the lectures in a superficial manner getting the gist, fine but if you really care about understanding every concept and catch the essence of the course, it will be a nightmare. Although it is not likely that someone willing to do an course on algorithms is looking for superficial knowledge. If you really want to tear your hair out, take this course…

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  12. Ken Sellers

    Because I don’t know Java (yet) and the homework can only be submitted in Java, I audited this course. Time well spent! Even without working the exercises, the lectures were easy to follow and highly interesting. I picked up several things that will likely help me write better code.

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  13. Anonymous

    this algorithm course is a practical one. this course uses java as the main algorithm description tool, and students will have much insight of java.

    it’s useful to learn the different performance of different implementations of an algorithm. there’s no much theoretical explanation in this course, and so it’s a short for those who want real understanding of some tricky algorithms, such as quick selection.

    the assignments are also practical, not directly related to the algorithms taught, but about how to use them. from my point of view, it’s not worth spending hours on finishing the assignments. however, if you are preparing for a tech interview, the interview questions provided by this course are pretty valuable.

    in summary, if your are preparing for a top company’s tech interview and have enough time, or you are an experienced programmer and want to refresh your algorithmic skills, this course is a good option. if you are a junior, going to your own college’s algorithms courses is a better choice.

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  14. Tony_chau

    The great course lectures are doing well and the best I have seen. Programming homework is also good, even if they are Java, I do not know at the beginning of the course. The problem set is good, but some work can improve the interface. Everything is on time

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  15. Sergey Khaykin

    This is the best course in Algorithms I’ve found on the internet. I’ve done it twice actually.

    The lectures are clear and concise, the simulations explain clearly the algorithms in study.

    The homeworks are challenging and interesting. Each assignment took me about 5 hours on average. It is a good refresh on Java as well. Looking forward for the next part of the course.


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  16. Tom Blaymire

    Search our catalog of over 50000 online courses from Search our catalog of over 50000 online courses from 60+ providers. Search … Inside the Music & Video Tech Industry course image … See Details & Reviews.

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