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JAVA Programming Online Practice ExamCheck course
Programming for Kids and Beginners: Learn to Code in PythonCheck course
Practice Exams | Codeigniter 4 developer certificationCheck course
WordPress Practice Tests & Interview Questions (Basic/Adv)Check course
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We built this curriculum with Google for aspiring Android developers who are new to programming to ensure that you get the real–world skills you need to know how to build and accelerate your journey towards becoming a professional Android Developer.

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Katherine Kuan, formerly a Developer Advocate at Google, was a software engineer on the Android Apps team for Google Keep, Google Play, and the People app.

Specification: Android Basics


120 hours







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  1. Stavros F.

    This educational program was absolutely amazing! i received so much knowledge in a very simple and understandable way ! when i am saying absolutely amazing i am not exaggerating at all. Let me explain you why ! i Graduated from a Greek public highest level educational institution (same as university) where the ‘teachers'(i dont even call them professors ) taught me literally nothing.. Unfortunately the politics are deeply involved in the Greek public educational system. So , the ‘teachers’ who are deeply politicized as well (in any other case they just dont take the job in the Greek public universities)act accordingly.. if the student do not bend over to them there is no chance to pass the lessons (that is why it took me more than the normal time to graduate.. but i did not bend over..) The ‘teachers’ who should be better called gang leaders act like gangsters ! they use students for bulling other students, they black mail directly or indirectly the students who dont like , in many cases i experienced situations so weird for an educational system! o ‘teacher’ changed my electronic test ( the test was through the cisco router visualizer) so as not to allow me to have a perfect score! Another ‘teacher’ gave me false test for designing a data base which could not be answered! i found the error , i corrected it ,i solved the test perfectly but despite all these he tried to grade me with a very low grade(i went to the administrator and finally i took the grade i deserved).. and in general they act as real criminals! So , in this very hard time i experienced in the Greek public university the only ‘ally’ i had – guess who was?– it was only the Google! and some private good American Books i bought by my own interest! So , as you can understand comparing this magnificent educational procedure of yours with the Greek public educational reality i described you above (and i said too little things for the Greek public educational system) you can understand how i felt when i experienced this amazing educational journey! What i want to point out being more specific are : first of all , the whole educational environment was so much friendly !! The mentors are so friendly! so well educated and so much keen to help! They support the students and they make them feel well and keep trying the effort even in the most difficult problems they might encounter. The videos were amazing! so much understandable! all designed in the right order (easy first and gradually a little more difficult and so on) so many examples! so many help! you support students to cooperate and help each other ! i really cant find anything negative! The whole project is amazing and leads to knowledge!! all in all , i felt love for Google and udacity (i always respected google and had it in my mind as my only ally..but now with this program i fell innocent love both for google and Udacity and for any other involved in this amazing educational project) !! i wish i could be a part of this great , amazing team!! Your contribution to the global society is amazing!! Thank you sooooo much !! i wish your main will be endless ! (while(1){google and udacity be good and the best!})

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  2. Grzegorz W.

    In perspective of last few months, I noticed an incredibly important change in my mind – I believed in my skills. I saw my GitHub repository and said “Woow! Is all that my work?!”. Even if I need to practice more with learned concepts to better understand it, I know I can look for help in my previous projects. One of the most important thing to me was learning how to read the android/java documentation – before the course, it was a magic for me, now it’s much easier and more understandable. The course is designed in that way I was feeling all the time I’m getting better and better. It was very nice to see reminder slides during more advanced lessons or next steps issues. You didn’t need to look for specific course materials. I think it will be great to improve some of the following issues: 1) below many many gists students write in comments that there was a mistake in the video or in the code. They also express their doubts concerning some Udacity’s solutions in the reflection of guides/documentations and other recommendations. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any Udacity member discussed with them, explained why is that so, etc. Also, some videos still include mentioned errors which can be frustrating when you want to understand some concept and you have error code before your eyes. 2) I thought the good idea could be to practice with different projects (to see different contexts) but it would be great to upgrade always the same project. I am not sure is it possible, but decreasing number of various project is a thing what I meant. 3) If it possible, try to add a feature to mark video’s interesting moments. If I am not wrong, Udemy platform has this feature – it’s very useful – like notepad with text and video.

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  3. Monica M.

    Well, it was an adventure. A real one. With highs and lows and misery and ecstasy, based on how the code compiled or not. :)) I remember myself in the beginning: I used to get horrified at any red thing showing in AS. In the beginning I thought I did something wrong. That I was incapable. Little by little I learned sometimes it was not my fault – usually those hardest times. It could happen that AS had bugs – nobody told us what to expect. It could happen that my Pixel phone and AS would not work together – still not my fault. Sometimes there would be those kind of Schroedinger’s Bugs – it was and it wasn’t my fault. In time I learned to keep calm, stay relaxed and just google it, or restart (AS, laptop, phone), or even better: Invalidate cache and restart. Overall it was an amazing experience. I loved the way the courses were presented and how notions were taught to us. I wish I has caught up earlier the trick to work on my project in parallel with the lessons and the project of the courses. It gave me a strong basis to work and build upon. Otherwise, for a beginner, in a first phase , all notions tend to become a little chaos at first, then pain until you make order and sense. There is a big difference between passive learning and active one. I’m sure you know it and the purpose of the projects is to develop the active learning. Well, there is a bridge between the two and the success of any course is how they build that bridge. Udacity is the best at this and I’m proud to have been a part of this experience. I can’t believe it I finished the course and that I know all that I do right now. Thank you!!! <3

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  4. Klavdii M.

    This is not a 5 star review. However, this nanodegree is too awesome to put a 4 there, so I still rated 5. My problem with this nanodegree is in their way of presenting material, I always felt like even though they say this is aimed at people without any programming knowledge, after first two lessons I felt lost and had to spend a lot of time on stack and discussion forums. Explanation should be more in depth, theoretical background of covered topics should be expanded and not just linked in the description. This course is not free, if you want to put a 200$ price tag on it please make it worth it. If you cover something give us an exercise (even multiple) to practice it and explain it in–depth, not only how it works, but why will you use it+plus best practices. Additionally, who thought it was a good idea to omit GitHub course from this nanodegree? It should be a mandatory part of it! Also, some project reviewers were not good, I would explicitly state that I need a comment on something, but they will put some generic comment and accept the project, but it happened only twice, so all in all submitting projects and reading through reviews was helpful. Going forward I will take a CS course and java programming course and come back for the advanced nanodegree in Android Development. Thank you Udacity team and thank you discussion forums (couldn’t make it without it) that was great overall.

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  5. Dimitar K.

    This Nanodegree was amazing! Right from the start, all the materials, exercises and task were very well structured and easy to understand. The real world analogies and examples for building apps with purpose were one of the most interesting ways of learning I’ve ever experienced. Of course, there were some road bumps with difficult concepts and new unfamiliar things along the way but here comes the role of the amazing community (in the forums and the slack channels). When you get stuck, just ask for help. I’m glad that I took this ND not just because I know now a lot more about the process of developing apps for Android but also because during these 5 and a half months, this course helped me to stay focused on something I really wanted to learn about. I’ve done this comparison a couple of times before but I have to mention it again: It was like playing a video game for me. I am a gamer! I love playing games on my PS4 and while taking this course I found myself feeling exactly like gaming… I would finish a lesson or project and then I would want more. I would want to see what’s behind the next door, the next level. It kind of hooks you up ( to the point that I was using almost all of my spare time to study). I’m looking now to the next chapter in the Android Developer Nanodegree. Thank you, Udacity!

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  6. Andreea M.

    This Nanodegree Program is absolutely extraordinary and truly life changing. From having no previous programming experience at all, by following it, I developed a lot of awesome applications that I never thought I could create someday. It is incredible how much I learned and achieved through this program and Android Development has become for me a true passion. I am so excited and incredibly happy to continue this journey and to follow my dreams. The truly excellent and wonderful teaching methods of the instructors and the absolutely perfect, excellent and amazing support offered by the Mentors engage you on a journey that makes you eager to learn more and more. Whatever Android path you decide to follow, this course is the best start. The skills you acquire by following it are definitely the best for a fantastic Android career journey. It is the most amazing and stunning course I have ever taken and I highly recommend it to anyone! I absolutely love this course! I took this course as a scholarship winner and it has proved to be the most incredible experience of my life. 😀 Thank you so much UDACITY and GOOGLE for this absolutely amazing opportunity and to all the MENTORS who helped and supported me with everything that I needed along the way! I am forever grateful and incredibly happy for everything!!! 🙂

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