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Android Developer Online Course

Android Developer Online Course

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We built this Nanodegree program in partnership with Google for students with intermediate programming skills who want to become professional Android developers. By the end of this program, you’ll have a diverse portfolio of projects to show employers, including your own app on Google Play.

Instructor Details

James Williams is the Android Curriculum Lead at Udacity, where he also creates Web development courses. He is the author of “HTML5 Game Programming,” and runs obstacle course/adventure races in his spare time.

Specification: Android Developer Online Course


240 hours







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  1. Nisha S.

    December 10, was the happiest day of my life as I graduated from @Udacity. It was an amazing feeling to receive my first ever online degree! In this post, I share my journey to become a certified android developer. Hope this post will be helpful for the people who wants to make the career in Android development. The journey started way back in 2013. I wanted to create something of my own which others can use. Through my graduate and postgraduate studies, I knew Java programming, so I thought of creating android apps which could be useful for the students. I started to learn myself. At first, I struggled a lot understanding android documentation. But I did not give up. Then after few days of practicing demos, reading online materials, I got confidence. So I started working on a real time idea. The idea was suggested by my husband, the idea was to develop an android application for students who are preparing for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) exam. Creating something new from scratch was a difficult job. It was required to gather lots of data, designing of screens, building beautiful yet easy to use user interface, linking different screens and so on. Indeed it was all challenging job, but I accepted the challenge and published my first ever application in one and half year. The outcome was incredible, the users accepted my application wholeheartedly. They gave such an amazing feedback that I can’t express in words! This overwhelming response motivated me to publish another 4 apps and learn Android. Meanwhile developing my own apps (All Edu Apps), I found that Google and Tata Trusts were offering 1000 scholarships to Indian students for an Android Developer nanodegree created by Udacity. I was very excited about this opportunity. I applied for the scholarship and I got selected on 27 Jan 2015. I was very happy and excited to be among thousand students across the India. Receiving scholarship was a sort of responsibility to complete the degree on time and prove that their selection was not wrong. I completed total 8 projects in this program. Each project has a supporting course and forum for asking corresponding queries. Additionally, we could take appointments with the coach , there were webcasts and lots of helpful material to complete the projects on time. The last project (capstone) was really interesting one. The project was about developing a brand new app and it should fit all the requirements specified by Udacity. I developed an Android app called ‘Arogyasathi’ meaning health partner. This application is for patients and doctor. Through this app, a patient can book an appointment, keep track of previous appointments and medicines etc. A doctor can view today’s patient list and prescribe medicines. The app also shows basic information about the hospital, doctor, fees for various tests and so on. I used firebase as a backend for this app. The whole journey was wonderful. I enjoyed doing all projects. When I was on my last project I received an invitation for a career summit organized by Google, Tata Trusts and Udacity at Google office in Bangalore. That was also really amazing experience as we interacted with Googlers, other android developers who have completed their nanodegree. The most important thing I liked about nanodegree was forum support and quality feedback on code/project submission. The forum mentors were encouraging and quick in responding to queries. The syllabus is exactly what today’s industry demands which truly fits the tagline of @Udacity’s “Be in Demand”. It helped me to master my existing knowledge, gain new knowledge and prepared me for exciting future opportunities. I feel confident about whatever I learned during the course of this nanodegree program. I would like to wholeheartedly thank Udacity for providing such a wonderful platform to learn and hone my skills. I would also like to thank Google and Tata Trust for offering me the scholarship. Last but not least I would also like to thank all my fellow nanodegree students for providing me help whenever required. Definitely, it deserves 5 starts!

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  2. Ingo K.

    What makes this learning experience so unique is not only the tight integration of up–to–date course material, project reviews by experienced real–world developers and the thriving community, but also the ecosystem of helpful tools, mentorship, meet–ups, hackathons etc. While the challenges can be demanding at times, (and while I’ve hit a wall more than once) there’s always help available and also encouraging and elevating feedback from students, mentors and the Udacity team alike, so you don’t really feel left alone, ever. This course has made me aware of a ton of things (from tiny to huge), of which I had only a faint idea or wasn’t even aware were there to know “out in the wild” at all. And a good deal of these is to be attributed to the community. Also, learning how other students have approached/dealt with a given problem (be it code–related, or maybe with regards to time management or other topics) has often helped me to see my own approach from a different perspective. So, I found this to be an invaluable source of ideas, “gotchas”, tips and tricks, which otherwise I would have had a hard time to find out on my own (if at all). In essence: it’s been a great journey! Thanks, Udacity & Google!

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  3. Safwan Ahmad S.

    I am software engineer who started his career in embedded software at Morpho(Safran). I had no experience of android and perhaps no interest. So i wasn’t sure about joining nanodegree. One thing I did was to complete a basic course on android from udacity which helped me a lot to understand basics very well. Then once I was confident enough I enrolled in this nanodegree. The degree is super awesome and covers a lot of content for android. After completing this one will certainly master android. Projects play important role. There are many videos for any topic so why would someone spend money for any stuff. But this is not true, here you learn things and then struggle hard to use those things in your own project. There are times when you end up not finding the cause of problem or how to solve it, then there are super cool mentor’s who will guide you. There are discussion forum for each project and all other stuff. On top of all this you get one to one session where you can discuss some issue. So for me it’s platinum package. So don’t miss it!

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  4. Neel B.

    What I liked the most about the Android Nanodegree was the learning style that was promoted, which was what I’d call a guided self–learning approach. There are so many advances occurring right now in computer science, and it’s essential to use such a teaching style, one that focuses on hands–on, industry–important skills above all. Other MOOCs traditionally model courses after a University–style education, which is very important in many cases. That being said, in order to become proficient in many of the technologies that are essential in this day and age, a more practical learning approach as used by Udacity is far more effective, ideally being supplemented with a University education, which certainly has its advantages as well. In my opinion, although a University education is worth its weight in gold, providing students with knowledge about the fundamentals, theory, etc. of computing and programming, nothing can beat Udacity’s approach for students who are simply looking to pick up important, relevant skills like Android development.

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  5. Sergio C.

    Great experience provided by Udacity and Google. Loved every part of it. Loved the webcasts live conferences with Google advocates, specialists and students. I think that is something that should be added more in the future for future students. Allowing the experts to share knowledge and tips with the ones eager to learn everything about android is something very positive. Another positive aspect is the community formed in slack workspace which allows students to share and communicate commun interests and problems and forming a bounded network. The course timing is enough if someone is serious about finishing it. Complaints not much… just some parts of the lessons that need to be updated to the latest library versions. But as a develloper one should be able to overcome that difficulties as well. You can learn from all the scattered information on google and stackovervflow but here you’ll have everithing you need and you’ll learn a lot in the right way from google engineers themselves!

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  6. Kevin T.

    I have learned a ton about Android Development through this Nanodegree and recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Android straight from the source. The forums are actually extremely helpful and the coaches are usually available to help out. Different sections are taught differently so you get a slightly different style each time, but the content is still helpful. Honestly, you learn more from doing the projects themselves than just watching the videos, and the code review is great. Some downsides are the site is difficult to navigate. It should not take that many clicks to get to a specific video! Also, their 1:1 scheduling system is a little messed up. I’ve had a lot of communication issues using it and ended up having to contact coaches directly. All in all, if you complete this course, you’ll learn how to be an Android Developer. Their career development courses helped a lot with my resume, too. Definitely worth the investment.

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