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Computing in Python II: Control Structures

Computing in Python II: Control Structures


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9.3/10 (Our Score)
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Building on your prior knowledge of variables and operators, this course gets into the meat of programming. Organized into five chapters, this course starts by covering the fundamentals of what control structures are and what they do, then moves on to four common control structures in Python. Conditionals let you modify what your program does based on the values of incoming variables. Loops let you repeat tasks for multiple values or while certain conditions hold true. Functions let you encapsulate complex reasoning into reusable chunks of code. Error handling lets you intelligently recover from anticipated and unanticipated glitches. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to write complex programs in Python that perform useful reasoning. For example, you could write a program that calculates your weight on other planets, calculates the standard deviation of a series of numbers, or checks for the validity of an incoming password. Structurally, the course is comprised of several parts. Instruction is delivered via a series of short (2–3 minute) videos. In between those videos, you’ll complete both multiple choice questions and coding problems to demonstrate your knowledge of the material that was just covered.

Instructor Details

David is a Senior Research Associate at the College of Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology. He received his BS in CS, his MS in Human-Computer Interaction, and his PhD in Human Centered Computing all from Georgia Tech.

Specification: Computing in Python II: Control Structures


47.5 hours









26 reviews for Computing in Python II: Control Structures

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Anonymous

    I found the CS1301xII course to be well organized, the lectures are well presented and succinct, and problem sets are extensive and detail common mistakes and nuances. This is an excellent primer into Python concerning if/then/else statements, for and while loops, and error catching with try/except/else/finally blocks. The math required is basic arithmetic. David Joyner seems like a professor to follow.

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  2. Wolfgang Hassert

    Thanks a lot for an almost perfect learning experience!

    Well structured theoretical stuff quickly followed by practice, practice, practice….

    That’s what keeps you holding on!!!!

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  3. G Locarso

    Thank you Mr. David. I have done the chapter 2 and going to chapter 3 soon, but tomorrow is the first day of second semester, maybe i’ll continue in a few days. I had studied C++ on first semester so it isn’t so hard for me to cope with learning python. But anyone who wants to learn python even from NULL experience can start with this course!! i really recommend it, because the way the lecturer explain things is quite very detail so YOU CAN DO IT!! Best Luck for you!!

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  4. Wim Leys

    I have programmed without taking any course in Python 2.x more than 10 years ago (and I forgot most of it). I am interested in data science and was looking for a Python course as a first step up. I was also looking at an introductory programming course suitable for my kids; Python is perfect for that.

    I have followed all 4 “Computing in Python” courses, and I feel ready now to take on more advanced Python courses or books.

    Each course is divided in 4 chapters, each chapter ends with an “exam”, the course ends with a final exam. Each course took about a week to complete (+ 3 hours/evening and 2 full days in the weekend (+ 8 hours per day). (I had to hurry, the courses were about to get archived.). The programming exercises and debugging take most of the time and are at the same time the most valuable to grok everything.

    There is a SmartBook that is provided as a PDF. Next time I would read the PDF instead of viewing the video’s, that would have been faster.

    The teaching is well structured and the programming problems are fun to make: they are quite basic at the beginning and get more challenging afterwards. You will make so many exercises that programming in Python really becomes an automation and the exercises never become boring.

    I have advised my kids (they are almost or around 20 year) to take the courses.

    I recommend the courses.

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  5. Andreas Disser

    The course really helped me to improve my skills in programming with python. It is a good introduction for people who have just little experience in programming and want to be guided step by step. The professor explains everything very well. Because you always make small steps forward, you never feel overwhelmed.

    All in all it is a great course that I can recommend to everybody who wants to get started with python programming.

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  6. Anonymous

    The course was excellent! I really feel like I could start to at least write small python programs on my own with what I learned in this course and the first. I got a much better understanding of concepts, mainly functions. I also love the fact that we had sample problems and tests to go along with the material we covered. Not just “this does that. now you do it” type of teaching. This course really helps you to understand the logic behind the code so that you can code better on your own. Really worth the time and money!

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  7. Andrew Nguyen

    The structure and pace of the lesson plan provides the right amount of material to ensure you grasp the concepts. The assignment and lessons build on one another well and helps you envision the road maps to master other lessons.

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  8. Neville A. Cross

    This is a great course to learn how to program. If you already know how to program, this may be a bit slow. But if you are trying why is that you use different for and while loops, this is right for you. I tried several time to learn Python and got frustrated with crash courses. I did not need to learn Python, what I needed was to learn how to program using Python. I highly recommend this course series from David Joyner and Georgia Tech.

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  9. Anonymous

    Part 2 of a well designed series of python courses for beginners that emphasises practice, practice and practice and doesn’t fall too short on formal things.

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  10. Bozhidar Madzharov

    Course is well organized. Videos are frequent and large. Explanations for most of the stuff are comprehensible. I enjoyed the coding exercises the most. As a non native English speaker, i had sometimes difficulties understanding what exactly tasks ask me to do. Hint for the rest non native English speakers. Get in touch over internet with natives and ask for help for the meaning of the tasks any time you encounter difficulties.

    Am happy to follow the rest of the courses in Computing in Python.

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  11. Anonymous

    I highly recommend this course. It was an interesting course. It was explained in detail.

    Thank you so much edx and I appreciate all your efforts!

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  12. Anonymous

    Great course for people interested in learning how to code. Explanations and material are understandable and it builds up from the ground up.

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  13. Anonymous

    These classes taught by David Joyner are amazing! David Joyner breaks everything down so well and understandable that you wont have trouble learning to code at all. I take classes at my local college and these classes are a lot better, organized and easier to understand. This is the best online course for learning python anyone can take! So if your reading this and are wanting to learn to program in Python, or learn the foundations of programing, then take these courses!

    If I ever get a chance I would love to shake your hand David Joyner! Not sure if you will read this, but you helped me make a big decision in my life. To pursue my dream in technology (Cyber Security) vs nursing! If not for you man, I would have gone to school for something I dont have much interest in, and would have lived my life doing so. So Thank You!

    Shout out from Rio Rancho, New Mexico!

    Mark A. Chavez

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  14. Anonymous

    This course was great! There are tons of practice questions that help to reinforce your knowledge of all topics covered.

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  15. Anonymous

    It is a very well planned course, both the theoretical part and the practical part and contains a lot of useful information, examples and programming problems to solve that make it interesting and entertaining to take the course

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  16. Anonymous

    The Python introductory courses from GTx are great. If you want to learn Python, I recommend taking the courses. I have learned a lot

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  17. Anonymous

    Easy to go along with short video explanations and exercises about it right after perfect to learn python by oneself and at own pace.

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  18. Anonymous

    Engaging, encouraging and extremely well executed course.

    One of the best ever Moocs and by far the best Intro to computing w/python course you will ever find.

    But in no way, it’s easy esp. for beginners, needs a lot of effort and a lot of self doubting days!

    A bit disappointed with edx policies in restricting access.

    It’s both a boon and a bane. It helps be disciplined and complete the course within time limit.

    But if something comes up in between, u can’t finish.

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  19. Anonymous

    This course is the best introductory computing course I have ever attended (both on line and “in person”).

    The lecturer describes the basic concepts of computing in clear and concise manner. If you are a complete newby to the programming, you should start here. If you have some experience with other languages this course is a good way to brush up on your general computing knowledge.

    The rate of the course is optimal. If an additional Python knowledge is needed to resolve the problem, it is disclosed by the lecturer (no need to search through entire Internet to find this one particular function that you need to finish this basic task).

    Definately worth trying.

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  20. Anonymous

    Excellent content! The course is very clear and the exercises help to understand and learn the concepts. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to start learning Python

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  21. Anonymous

    Very nice course, it is to follow and really fast to finish it if u are dedicated enough. It took me 5 6 days to finish it. My only problem was that there are not enough coding problems. I believe that practice is what makes you better. So, i suggest more coding problems, at least double if not triple the amount of the existing. Problem solving is what making you familiar with the theoretical knowledge that you are taking from this course.

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  22. Anonymous

    I’ve learned a lot in this class. As a non technical, business type, I have found this class challenging and very helpful. I appreciate that the lectures are delivered via audio, video and with subtext, serving all of the different learning styles. I also appreciate that the materials are broken up into smaller sections followed immediately by opportunities to put new information or new approaches to work.

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  23. Anonymous

    I have found in this course what I was looking for I was playing with a thought about changing my career path to programming in my head for a while, but didnt know where to start? I think this was really good choice. It is selfpaced (for employed person it is necessary), well explained (really, probably the best learning material I have met in my life structurally, explanatory, comprehensive, fluently building on preceding chapters, well everything it should have, almost fun to go through…) course with lot of practise excercises (you actually program most of the time on real life problems). Also you get the idea where to move next from the exercises topic orientation. I have done all 4 courses from the profesional certificate and I thing it was really well spend money, 5 star, recommending!

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  24. Anonymous

    TL;DR: Great introductory course for learning coding fundamentals using Python.


    I do not have a frame of reference for what a course on coding/computing should be like. However, as someone who has spent hours crying (literally) because of compulsory coding lessons in school in 7th and 8th grade (barely scraped through those), I actually enjoyed the course. After 8th grade, I had vowed never to go near coding again because of my terrible experience in school. However, fast forward to college, I realized the utility of learning Python or MATLAB or R, for research and statistics. Unable to afford a MATLAB license, I decided to learn Python because I loved the open source aspect of it. I was still extremely nervous enrolling myself into the course and doubted if I could EVER learn to code. Module II had everything I feared a.k.a loops and conditionals! That’s where Professor Joyner and his team comes in. Wonderfully laid out, lucid explanations, and several assignments and exercises. Some of them were tricky, but never once did I want to cry! In fact, I was enjoying them! The challenges felt refreshing!

    The best part of the course, apart from the material, is the tone of the teaching. It’s inviting. Professor Joyner and his team are adept at understanding core problem areas of students when it comes to learning how to code, which is evident in how they emphasize certain learning challenges throughout the course (nested loops, understanding the “return” command of a function, etc.). Moreover, they treat you like a true beginner, someone who doesn’t know anything about the course that they’re taking, which is a huge plus. Sometimes introductory courses aren’t “introductory” enough.

    I took around a month to complete this course, after having completed Module I. I shall now be starting Module III, and soon enough, Module IV as well. I recommend completing Module I before starting Module II.

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  25. Anonymous

    Very well explained, gets you ready to work confidently with Python. Every subject is explained in different ways so you finally get the idea very clear.

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  26. Anonymous

    Excellent for core concept building in an easy way. Planning to make my son in class 6 take it up. I think he would also be able to understand in the manner core concepts have been explained

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    Computing in Python II: Control Structures
    Computing in Python II: Control Structures

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