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- 91% Creating a Game with Blender Game Engine

Creating a Game with Blender Game Engine

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This video course introduces you to the Blender game engine. You’ll learn about game asset modeling, game development theory, and how to use them to create a prototype game from scratch and then publish it online. You start off by learning the fundamental differences between the game engine and the standard rendering logic behind game decisions, physics, and optimizing models to have a good understanding of what a game engine is and how interactions work to make sure models run well in real time. Then you’ll acquire a basic understanding of how game assets are created, including finding free suitable assets online, creating your own texture–painted models, and using the cycles render engine to bake realistic games. Next, you’ll explore the basic workflow for creating a game from scratch, including planning, creating a basic environment, adding game assets, and finally giving your player movement and animations by understanding how to set up a basic game environment.

Building on this. we look at adding extra utility to the game including special effects such as dust and finish making a mini game by getting it ready for publication. Finally we go through optimizing and preparing your game for exporting so it can be played on any other computer and go through the basic process of publishing it to the online market. By the end of this video course you will have an extensive knowledge of how the game engine works and how to use blender as a modeling/texturing tool to create characters and models for other game engines.

Instructor Details

Packt has been committed to developer learning since 2004. A lot has changed in software since then - but Packt has remained responsive to these changes, continuing to look forward at the trends and tools defining the way we work and live. And how to put them to work. With an extensive library of content - more than 4000 books and video courses -Packt's mission is to help developers stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. From new web frameworks and programming languages, to cutting edge data analytics, and DevOps, Packt takes software professionals in every field to what's important to them now. From skills that will help you to develop and future proof your career to immediate solutions to every day tech challenges, Packt is a go-to resource to make you a better, smarter developer. Packt Udemy courses continue this tradition, bringing you comprehensive yet concise video courses straight from the experts.

Specification: Creating a Game with Blender Game Engine

Duration 3.5 hours
Year 2017
Level Beginner
Certificate Yes
Quizzes Yes

8 reviews for Creating a Game with Blender Game Engine

3.8 out of 5
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  1. Avatar

    Ludwig Falkenstein


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  2. Avatar

    Jacob Rose

    Every topic is explained concisely, but also emphasizes the practically of certain features wonderfully, without losing the focus of the audience (me). If you have never used Blender Game Engine, or any game engine for that matter, then you will quickly start to feel at home by following this methodical approach to making blender games.

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  3. Avatar

    Alexandre Loureiro Faria

    good work , but sometimes we need zooming to see some selections or logic box acurately

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  4. Avatar

    Alex Baker

    I use a 1080P screen which is kind of low resolution for todays standards and I cant see squad in the video. I can barely make out what is being typed in screen while half the screen in the video is just grey unused area. I thought this was about coding a game in Blender. It covered player controls twice already and the modeling and texturing parts are quite pointless since people start with modeling and texturing when they get introduced to Blender. I wish it was about creating a game in Blender. At least 40 minutes in this course is lost on texturing and modeling.

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  5. Avatar

    Lisa Mulzet

    The instructions are clear and concise. However the why isn’t always addressed and words are mispronounced. Example: Boolean should be pronounced Booh Lee Ahn instead of booh leen.

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  6. Avatar

    Ruby Lozoya

    so far, this course has really been helping a lot with my game developing.

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  7. Avatar

    Carmen Lois

    Sorry this is a long review but bare with me. The information given in the first few videos is helpful in that it gives you topics to research properly later (as he doesn’t really go into any proper detail, rather just lists everything as bullet points). However, from the modelling asteroids video onwards has me questioning why I paid money for this. While I’m going into this with a bit of prior knowledge that I’ve collected from watching Youtube videos I’m not surprised that he his rehashing a number of points I’ve heard hundreds of times. So he is definitely giving some useful info for absolute beginners. However, he mentions in the beginning that you don’t need prior knowledge of Blender but is using features that are not enabled by default in Blender such as the Pie menus. His explanation/commentary on the modelling process, in my opinion, should be cut out completely. Again, if you were a complete beginner who’s never touched Blender, him going through step by step how to make some very simple assets is helpful. However, he doesn’t explain why he’s doing things. Instead, his commentary is just filled with And now I’m going to do this, and then I’m going to do this, and now we are going to do this. He’s not actually explaining why he is doing things or why they are important, he is just doing them. This is, again in my opinion, a crucial detail for a complete beginners course and the one thing this course seriously lacks. I don’t remember what this course costs but, honestly, you can get a better, clearer, more informative tutorials on Youtube without spending a cent. When he’s actually putting the game together he does occasionally explain a bit about what he is doing and part of the ‘why’. However, if you are going into this tutorial with absolutely no prior knowledge you can expect to run into problems. There are a few time in the build where he makes a mistake and doesn’t point out that it was incorrect. (Not sure why it’s even in the video when they could have just redone the take with him doing it properly.) He doesn’t point it out and/or explain the mistakes (or, more efficiently, just edit the video with a refilmed correct procedure). As a result, the instructions include dozens of redundant steps. While this is a decent tutorial for specifically creating this very basic shooter, I’m not sure if I could recommend it for people who have never touched Blender before. While there is a few dot point of information about optimisation that I found interesting, he didn’t go into enough detail for me to say that it was worth the money. Just to clarify, I was 100% expecting to be told a list of things I already knew from previous research I’ve done. But I was also expecting a deeper explanation of all the topics than what was presented, given that this is a beginner’s course. If you are still a beginner and DO have some prior experience with Blender and the BGE (Blender Game Engine), this is great little starter project to get your juices flowing. However, if you are an ABSOLUTE beginner to Blender and the BGE, then I don’t know if this is a good idea, given the sparse detail. If you are looking for a tutorial series specifically geared towards complete beginners of both Blender and the BGE, I can recommend a tutorial series on Youtube by BornCG called ‘Blender Game Engine Basics’. He really goes into detail about what the sensors, controls and actuators do and when/how to use them in your game. P.S. A tip for any new Blender users. If you set a material to ‘Shadeless’ it automatically disables the specular. 🙂

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  8. Avatar

    Steven Pascoe


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    Creating a Game with Blender Game Engine
    Creating a Game with Blender Game Engine

    $124.99 $10.99

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