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- 35% Database Normalization Simplified

Database Normalization Simplified

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This course is perfect if you’re running low on time, and need to cram for a test or certification.  Its singular purpose is to teach you database normalization.

In this Course you will Learn to:

Appreciate and design around data modification anomalies.

Identify a properly formed database table.

Answer common interview questions related to normalization

Spot a poorly designed table.

Communicate with others about table design.

Finally understand those confounding normalization rules!

Nothing is worse than

Being excited to learn something new but not knowing where to start.

Wasting time learning the wrong features.

Being overwhelmed with options and not know which to use.

Imagine Having…

Knowledge – Knowing how to quickly understand table relationships to take your SQL to the next level.

Confidence – Feeling good that you re on the right track.

Accomplishment – Having a sense of accomplishment that you’ve learned something most cannot.

Fun – Having fun learning databases!

By the time you ve completed this course you ll have an appreciation of database normalization, overcome your fear of normal form definitions, and make sense of the the most used database normal forms.   

Instructor Details

Hello my name is Kris. I m here because I am passionate about helping non-techie people to overcome their fear of learning SQL. Let Me Help you Get Started on the Right Foot! I know what it is like to not know where to start or whether the time spent learning is worth the effort. That is why I am here to help you to: Get started in an easy to follow step-by-step manner. Use your time wisely so you focus on what is important to learn to get the most value from your time. Answer your questions. Really! Just post a comment and I ll respond. I m here to help. It wasn t long ago that I was helping a colleague with some reporting. She didn t know where to start and soon got overwhelmed and lost as she didn t know SQL. I felt really bad, as she was under pressure to get some summary information to her boss, the built-in reports were falling short, and to make them better would require her to know SQL. At that time that seemed impossible! It in dawned on me, it doesn t have to be that way. Then I discovered a way for anyone with the desire to easily learn SQL. I worked with my co-worker, started to teach her what I learned and soon she was able to write reports and answer her boss questions without getting stressed or ploughing hours into manipulating data in Excel. It hasn t always been easy. Sometimes the information seems abstract or too conceptual. In this case I ve found out that a visual explanation is best. I really like to use diagrams or videos to explain hard-to-grasp ideas. Having video, pictures, and text really help to reinforce the point and enable learning. I know that you want to: be confident writing SQL understand more complicated topics such as joins and sub-queries become fluent in database terms and concepts understand query optimization and performance tuning start your path to become a DBA Through my conversation style, easy to understand lessons, videos, and info-graphics, I ll help you to do this an more. It will take action on your part, but I'm here to help you along the way! So How Did I Become Such A Geek? My journey to SQL starts when back in 1979 when I was in a freshman in High School. Back then I was really interested in computers and joined a Computer Explorer s post hosted by Dow Chemical. We met once a week at the office and got to work on their mini-computers. It was awesome! I learned how to program and really took an interest to it. So much so, that I took my savings and bought a early home computer (Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I). It didn t do much, as it only had 16K of memory, but it was enough for me to learn programming. We ll that was over thirty years ago and I ve loved them ever since. In college I studied computer engineering at University of Michigan (go blue!). I got to learn hardware and software design. One class I really found fascinating was my database theory class. We studied relational database theory and it was great. Before this class I didn t know about databases and every time we wanted to work with data, we would have to write huge programs to do so. Once I learned about databases I realize how powerful they were. We ll I kept at it and now some twenty five years later, I m ready to share my experiences with you.

Specification: Database Normalization Simplified


1 hour









14 reviews for Database Normalization Simplified

4.2 out of 5
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  1. William Fallon

    Breaks are too long between sentences, slides could be a little more professional. Other than that I’m learning what I need to, and I just increased the video speed to make it more engaging.

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  2. Scott Bentley

    I need application exercises!

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  3. Jose N

    Great course overall, the explanation of third normal form leaves somewhat to be desired though, transitive is explained with an example and not a concise, simplified, definition, more examples would be useful for this last case also.

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  4. Rishi Chowdhury

    yes very good content in a nutshell

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  5. s ah

    Good course, probably best viewed a few times. A link to some more practice scenarios would be a nice to have.

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  6. Beno Varghese

    I learned a lot about the 3 normalization forms in from this course and when to use which.

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  7. Di Salau

    Learning SQL database development and this is critical to good design

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  8. Orian de Wit

    Pretty good beginner’s overview on Database normalization. If you are familiar with database design, it’s easy to rush through on 2x speed and still catch all the information. I had hoped for some tie ins with a more formalized approach though, and maybe a few more difficult to recognize examples of problematic tables.

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  9. John Dunn

    Database Normalization Simplified was an excellent course. It is top of the class. The instructor clearly stated that Normalization is hard to understand. However, through learning and practice, it can be intuitive. At the conclusion the course, I felt confident that I could create and design simple databases up to Third Normal Form. Of course, I would need additional learning and practice using other aspects of data modeling and design. Now that I have dispelled my fears that I am capable of designing and creating relational databases, I am eager to continue my journey. Therefore, I am hoping that Mr. Wenzel will create more courses in other areas, such as Relationships with an emphasis on at least employing two junction tables. The concept of Many to Many is not explored adequately by many providers. Combining Database Normalization Simplified with a full course on relationships would be an ideal complement to the other database design and modeling courses on Udemy. This course would be helpful, not only for emerging database designers but also for Excel data modeling. In short, thank you, Mr. Wenzel, for helping me in moving forward with the confidence and insights that I can create tables where all nonkey columns are dependent on the key, the whole key, and nothing but the key, so help me Codd!

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  10. Wayne Shackel

    Outstanding course, it really helped me to finally understand ormalization. Thank you, I really appreciate it.

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  11. Ray Alvarez–Torre

    Excellent presentation and easy to follow.

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  12. Bryan Lundeen

    This is really one of the best classes I’ve taken on Udemy. It’s just small enough to get what you need. Some courses throw everything including the kitchen sink into the course, but this one has just what you are seeking to learn normalization. The content is clear, with example, lots of additional materials to help grasp the concepts, quizes to ensure you understand, and you can look at the feedback and quizes of others that have taken the course.

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  13. Miguel Briones

    It was an interesting course, theoretical and practices; easy to follow

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  14. Jacob Zachry

    Everything you need to know about normalization in 1 hr. Perfect course for just anyone just getting started in database design.

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    Database Normalization Simplified


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