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- 84% MEVP Stack Vue JS 2 Course: MySQL + Express.js + Vue.js +PHP

Complete Vuejs Course: Vue.js + Nuxt.js + PHP + Express.js

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If all you still think jQuery can completely replace JavaScript and want to learn Vue.JS, then this course is PERFECT for you because you will learn EVERYTHING you need here. 

Minumum Requirement: 

This course is designed for students with zero ES6 foundation, BUT you do need to know basic ES5. If you know how to set background color for a DIV using native JavaScript and jQuery, then you are good to go. 

    <div class ‘div’ id ‘one’>Set a background color…</div>

Course Contents: 

This course has 46 sections and covers 17 areas:

Vue JS Basics (Section 1–27)

Ajax (Section 28)

Connecting Vue to PHP and MySQL (Section 29)

Command Line Instrument (Section 30)

NPM (Section 31)

Babel (Section 32)

JS modular system, including module.exports, import and export (Section 33)

Webpack (Section 33)

Vue CLI (Section 34)

Vue Single–file Components (Section 34)

Vue Router (Section 35)

VueX (Section 36)

Axios (Section 37, 38, and 39)

Vue UI Library: iView (Section 40)

Advanced JavaScript: scope, scope chain, JavaScript Garbage Collection, Closure, IIFE(Instantly Invoked Function Expression), THIS, etc. 

Node.js and Express.js

Connecting Vue to Express and MySQL


Note: The Vue version taught in this lesson will be 2.0+

Content Description:

Your VueJS study is made of two stages.

Instructor Details

No matter where and whom you take your lessons from, you will always have to do all the hard work yourself. You have to spend time and efforts learning, understanding, memorizing and practicing new knowledge. This is NO short-cut here. But a good course can show the best route and help you avoid traps and detours. You can achieve maximum productivity from your time and efforts. Based on user feedback, tech development, and our new thoughts and inspirations, we will keep adding new contents and improving existing ones. We will cover basics as well as advanced applications. You will learn smart and creative tech combinations as well. Web development has been a popular area for years. The internet has accumulated tons of free tutoring videos and materials. Even if you are stuck with questions you cannot solve, just post them on stackoverflow, you will have your answers within a few minutes. With all the free tutoring materials and teachers, what is the point of creating this paid online course? It depends on what you really want. If you just want to have a rough idea of how web apps work and create some basic programs, then there is really no need for you to pay for any courses. Free internet information is more than enough to meet your demands. If you want to be able to turn your design and idea into programs that are safe and efficient enough to be applied in real life and solve all kinds of challenge, then this course is perfect for you. We believe a good online course should also be a navigator, not just explaining coding concepts. It should show you where the real destination is and most importantly, take you there in the most efficient way. Why we emphasize real destination? First of all, you should know a program that can work is very different from a program that can survive in real life. This is like playing a racing game on your phone is definitely not the same as driving a real car on a real track. For example, in our PHP lesson, we will teach you how to create an upload program. We have seen books and courses that only teach how to upload files. If you run that program in real life, it will not last a day. It will do more damage than good. For an upload program to work in real life, you need to check file type and size before letting any file being uploaded. You also need to protect your program from uploading the same file repeatedly by keeping refreshing the uploading page. Uploaded files should be properly renamed and stored. Most importantly, this process must be automatic. Uploaded files must also be retrievable, therefore information about uploaded files should also be automatically recorded into database. If one step is missing, your upload program will not survive the real life environment. This is why we emphasize real destination. We want to show you the whole picture, rather than just a segment of it. Knowing the whole picture is what separates a trustworthy professional programmer from a coding amateur. Apparently the road to the real destination is quite long. This is why a good course should be a navigator. It should show students the best route. When designing our course contents, we acknowledge and most importantly, take in consideration two very important facts: Everybody forgets and you have other things going on in your life and can only partly devote to your study. This means your study will be constantly interrupted and when you resume your study, you might find what you have learnt has become rusty. As a result, all your new knowledge are built on a collapsing foundation. At the end of your study, you will find that despite you have spent time and money, but you just cannot make satisfactory progress. You thought you have learnt everything but just cannot put them together can create a functional program. So how do we solve this problem? We divide our whole course content into small segments. At the end of each segment, there will be a review session summarizing everything you have learnt from that session. When you are creating APPs, we will give a review session on key knowledge as well. Apart from review sessions, we will also help you control your study pace. You will often hear we tell you that if you cannot answer this quiz, do not proceed and review previous lessons. The biggest card up our sleeve is our content table. You might think our upload program lesson starts here. But actually our upload lesson has started long before that. We have started to lay foundations for you since we teach you how to create a file type detector. We divide a complicated program into components and will only add one component at a time. Most importantly, every time we add a new component, we will review the previous components again. In the very end, despite the program we are creating is long and complicated, you will be able to master everything.

Specification: Complete Vuejs Course: Vue.js + Nuxt.js + PHP + Express.js


18 hours









10 reviews for Complete Vuejs Course: Vue.js + Nuxt.js + PHP + Express.js

4.2 out of 5
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  1. Nithra Edu

    Its very interesting and has more detail

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  2. Kai Uwe Pel

    This MEVP Stack course was well planned and designed in such a way that can help a beginner or an intermediate coder to build a strong foundations in VueJS environment. Just is the demand for more practice sets for coding in each sections. Well done!

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  3. Prateek Anand

    Course is getting very interesting till now. Animations are great

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  4. Oleksandr Kryvonos

    A good explanation, a lot of details on related technologies, there is everything you need to work, but without deep dive. Perfect for entry level. Thanks!)

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  5. Jeno Galaczi

    It is one of those courses where someone reads on top of a screen recording, aka the course creator is not the one who is talking. The course is well built, but the voiceover is not always perfect, like calling javascript objects json objects all the time. None the less, it’s a nice course.

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  6. Emad Alharbi

    He is in hurry, 1 min per video wtf

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  7. Rubianto


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  8. A V

    Pros: An adundance of material with some nice insights. I’m glad I took it as a supplement to some other courses. Cons: Much of this course outdated. A small section on Vue 3 CLI gave me hope, but is very brief and some parts were not updated enough. iView is deprecated, so all references to it had to be modified to work. The Express and Nuxt sections require you to have an SQL database set up locally, and the course does not explain how to do this. The instruction is voiced by actors, not the author, and they don’t pronounce things well. The script they are reading isn’t grammatically correct, and sometimes this results in confusing instruction.

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  9. Pankaj Sonawane

    So far good. Precise learning (learn what is practically needed) Good one to start with

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  10. olivier HERGAULT

    Good content, nicely & efficiently presented. It’s maybe a bit too linear: I miss a bit more, exercices, summaries, overviews to compensate for the numerous videos. Some explanations could have been a bit more deep.

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    Complete Vuejs Course: Vue.js + Nuxt.js + PHP + Express.js
    Complete Vuejs Course: Vue.js + Nuxt.js + PHP + Express.js


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