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- 88% Ultimate C# & Unity course

Ultimate C# & Unity course

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This course is all you need, if you want to learn how to create games in Unity. You can t create games in unity without knowing how to code, that s why we will spend the first part of the course learning how to code C#.


This course will teach you best practices and teach you how to program. In this course you will not only learn how to do things, but also why we do things.

No prior knowledge is required because you will learn everything you need to know right here! When you are done with this course, you will be able to take your own game ideas and bring them to life in Unity.

The course is divided into 3 main sections:

Section 1 Basic programming

In this section we will get to know our tools and get a basic understanding of C#. We will end the section by creating our very first complete game in the console.

Section 2 Object oriented programming

In this section you will learn about classes and objects. These are the building blocks of every game. When you are done with this section you will know everything you need to know about C# before we dive into the world of Unity.

Instructor Details

Who am I? My Name is Kenneth R. Andersen, and I'm 28 years old. I live in Denmark with my 1 year old son and my wife. School I am an AP.Graduate in Computer Science from a Danish Game Academy called Dania Games. I finished my degree back in June 2012. From 2012 till 2015 I managed to take a bachelor degree in web development at the same time as I was working a full time job. Even though that it's a while since I learned how to program myself, I do remember how hard it was to get into the programming mindset. This is also something I'm using when I'm teaching. I'm always trying to remember how I learned these things myself, and what worked and what didn't work when I had to learn how to program. Experience Dania Academy When I finished my degree back in 2012, the academy hired me as a full time teacher. Which means, that it is almost 5 years since I started teaching professionally. When I started I was only 23 years old, which seems very young. lots of my students back then were the same age or older than me but it didn't matter at all. I still got great feedback from my classes, and I learned a lot from teaching (and I still do). Below are the subjects that I'm currently teaching on the academy: UML & Designpatterns Basic C# programming Object oriented C# programming C++ Artificial intelligence in games Algorithms UNITY CRYENGINE UNREAL Engine Lua Network programming Android programming Programming VR Games inScope studios I currently run a youtube channel called inscopestudios. It's a channel dedicated to programming lectures. My main focus is on unity3d and that's also what I want to focus on here on Udemy. I'm almost up to 10k subscribers (something that I'm very proud of). So if your are looking for some great free lectures on C# programming or Unity, then don't forget to check out my channel. I'v been running the channel in a more serious manner for a little more than a year. I started focusing more on the channel and uploading videos more frequently because of the positive feedback I got from the early videos I uploaded. The feedback inspired me and made me wanna do more. Why I wanna make courses on Multiple subscribers on my youtube channel has told me to start making courses here on Udemy. They told me that my courses on youtube are as good or better than some of the courses they are paying for here on Udemy, and that they would encourage me to create some courses for Udemy. Based on that I figured that it would be a great ide to give Udemy a try. I'm sure that I'll be able to contribute a lot to the page by creating great programming courses. Of course I also hope that Udemy will bring me closer to my dream of being self employed by creating online programming courses. Philosophy behind my teaching style The word teach is very important to me. I always teach my students why we do something, and how it works. In other words, I don't make programming tutorials that you can follow without knowing what's going on. I will teach you how to program. If you end up completing parts of my course without understanding what's going on, then I'm not doing my job right.

Specification: Ultimate C# & Unity course

Duration 15.5 hours
Year 2020
Level Beginner
Certificate Yes
Quizzes No

10 reviews for Ultimate C# & Unity course

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Avatar

    Eitan Shapirshtein

    This is a must have C# and Unity3D course. The instructor is highly experienced in coding and teaching. The instructor shows new features in C# and teaches indepth the art of coding. The instructor is expert in explaining and simplifying. The insturctor gives challenges and also showing how to complete them correctly. Summary: This course is better than other only C# courses, I am enjoying learning from him. His voice is calm which helps understanding better, and overall he is an expert in teaching and coding. I recommend this course

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  2. Avatar

    Claudio Enrico Campani

    I know Kenneth since some time now, following his Youtube channel since the very beginning. He is a great teacher, and have the capability to transfer the passion he have for programming and teaching.

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  3. Avatar

    Justin Patrick Durkin

    Great intro and explanations

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  4. Avatar

    Logan Hebert

    Very in depth, doesn’t f*ck around, straight to the point. Good way to learn programming.

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  5. Avatar

    Alan Simmons

    I came to this course with experience in procedural programming and some self taught Unity experience. As I expected, the first part of the course was just a quick recap. However, the part of the course dealing with object orientated programming was very helpful and at exactly the right level for me. I found the technical level was what I wanted and the presentation style was very good.

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  6. Avatar

    Giovanni Acosta

    Not yet complete, so no Unity information yet. Felt a little misled by the title, but the content and teaching style is A+ for what’s there.

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  7. Avatar

    Anthony Lytle

    Simple instructions

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  8. Avatar

    Astrid Kuyper

    Kenneth is al jaren een goede leraar voor me (via Patron). Hij is duidelijk, gedetailleerd en het is leuk hoe hij gewoon tegen je praat alsof je tegenover hem zit, inclusief momenten van zoeken naar Engelse woorden en dergelijke. Het voelt ontspannen. In English: Kenneth has been a great teacher for me since years already (through Patron). He is clear in his explanations, detailed and it is fun how he speaks to you as if you’re sitting across of him, including moments of struggling to find English words and such. It feels comfortable.

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  9. Avatar

    Dale Cannon

    Very good instructor, probably the best I’ve found on Udemy on this subject. *BUT*…He hasn’t finished creating the complete course. He says you probably wont catch up to him as he continues to release more content for this course. Well…… I caught up to him long ago. The content releases have slowed to a crawl and I feel we are only halfway through the full course. Its about one 10 15 minute video added every month. At this rate the course will take him 2 years to finish. I fear he has lost motivation on finishing this course, which would be a shame as its the best I’ve found. I think he is more interested on regularly posting videos to his YouTube channel then for the paying people. I would save my money if I were you until he finishes the course. In my experience if you pay someone before the job is complete they are less motivated to do the job. Just my 2cents.

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  10. Avatar

    Michael Capone

    I’ve followed Kenneth and InScope Studios for some time now. I am a patreon and actively on his Discord. His YouTube video courses on Unity are the best available. His excellent teaching style continues here in this Udemy course which teaches you the basics of C# and prepares you to dive in to Unity and C# programming. Terrific course by an even better teacher. He is also very responsive with his students and updates videos on YouTube and Udemy quite often. Highly recommended!!!

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