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JAVA Programming Online Practice ExamCheck course
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Practice Exams | Codeigniter 4 developer certificationCheck course
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15 Online Courses to Elevate your WordPress Skills

In this article, you can find WordPress online courses to elevate your skills.

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system, referred to within WordPress as Themes. WordPress was originally created as a blog-publishing system but has evolved to support other web content types including more traditional mailing lists and forums, media galleries, membership sites, learning management systems (LMS) and online stores. WordPress is used by 41.4% of the top 10 million websites as of May 2021, WordPress is one of the most popular content management system solutions in use. WordPress has also been used for other application domains, such as pervasive display systems (PDS).

WordPress was released on May 27, 2003, by its founders, American developer Matt Mullenweg[1] and English developer Mike Little,as a fork of b2/cafelog. The software is released under the GPLv2 (or later) license.
To function, WordPress has to be installed on a web server, either part of an Internet hosting service like or a computer running the software package in order to serve as a network host in its own right. A local computer may be used for single-user testing and learning purposes.

Below we prepare a list for you with WordPress online courses in order to expand your knowledge.

Installing WordPress 5 – Registrars, Hosting & Essentials
Sean Bagheri via Udemy
Want to become a WordPress Master in no time? This course will take you there! Installing WordPress 5 – Registrars, Hosting & Essentials is a course designed by Sean Bagheri to give complete beginners all the knowledge and skills they need to install and manage WordPress sites easily on any web host. We’ll discuss everything WordPress A to Z, from domain registrars and web hosting, and see why it is better to use separate companies for this. If that statement confuses you, don’t worry! You’ll learn how to set all of this up in detail, with videos and resources to help every step of the way. We’ll look at different automated ways of installing WordPress on your host, plus a manual method using FTP for those who like to get technical! I’ll explain which method is better, and why.
★★★★★(5-star rating)

WooCommerce WordPress Ecommerce Course. 2.5 hrs MasterClass
Academy365 .NET via Udemy
Launching an eCommerce component of your business can be quite stressful. You want to make sure that you choose a platform that not only has an interface that is easy for your customers to use, but also one that offers a level of security and support that will provide you and your customers with peace of mind that they are safe while they are shopping. And so the obvious choice is WordPress WooCommerce! Over 4.4 million websites powered by WooCommerce WordPress. You want to make sure that you choose a platform that not only has an interface that is easy for your customers to use, but also one that offers a level of security and support that will provide you and your customers with peace of mind that they are safe while they are shopping.
★★★★★(5-star rating)

How To Make A Complete WordPress Website | WordPress Website
Saif Ali KHAN via Udemy
This course is specially designed for those students who want to pursue their career in the Web Development or Web Designing field or they want to learn on how to create a website for business and personal need, and then they want to work as a freelancer on fiverr, upwork, freelancer, guru and twin to make money. I have designed and taught this course for beginners, who knows how to turn on computer and how to do internet browsing, they can learn on how to create a complete website and start making money, creating websites for their clients. Learn, how to create a wordpress website for your business in the course, creating a website is not a difficult task these days, and you do not need to learn coding for this. In this course, I have taught the easiest way to, create your own wordpress website, without knowing code knowledge.
★★★★★(5-star rating)

Crushing it with WordPress: How to Publish an Author Website
Seth Comire via Udemy
Are you satisfied with your book sales? It doesn’t matter if you are a published author or a self–published one. One thing is certain – you are responsible for marketing your book to increase sales. Most authors are not marketing experts. Nor are they technology experts. That’s why I created this course, for you! An author’s website is a foundation for increasing book sales. The uses of a website are numerous: Add a link to your website on your book’s back matter to direct readers to find more of your books, Use your website to grow an email marketing list, which always leads to more sales, Post updates on your website’s blog to keep your readers engaged and help them know you better, Sell copies of your books directly on your website, Link all of your social media accounts so readers know where to find you, Host giveaways and promotions on your website and so many more uses!
★★★★★(5-star rating)

WordPress and the Divi Theme: Create your first website
Sol Barrera Watters via Udemy
In this course you will learn, in easy steps to follow, how to create and build your first website with WordPress and the Divi Theme. You will follow a design in Figma and use the Divi theme and page builder to build an about page, a contact page and the homepage. We’ll go through how to setup your site online after its built so you can share it with friends and family. You will need a valid subscription to the Divi Theme to follow along with this course. At the end of the course students will be able to: Create and Publish a WordPress website, Manage content in a WordPress website with the Divi Builder, Use the Divi Theme and page builder to design pages in WordPress.
★★★★★(5-star rating)

Amazon Affiliate AutoBlog -Complete WordPress Website Course
Nauman Naseer via Udemy
In this course, I will show you How to Build Amazon Affiliate Auto Posting Website. There are many reasons for wanting to Build an Amazon Affiliate Auto Posting Website. You can Make $1000 By Amazon Affiliate Program by doing any Effort. if you go on an Auto Blog website you can Create. A lot of Post Automatically On Your Website. And Of course, You can work on many sites at once. They also add images and Spin the content and Publish this Product On your website. They will also add Your referral Link in a buy button. In the end, I will give you some Tips for Ranking On Google and Getting sales with Social Media Networks.
★★★★★(5-star rating)

WordPress Plugin Development with Vue.js (2021)
Guillaume Duhan via Udemy
Vue is an amazing framework. WordPress is the most common CMS of the world. Why not mix these two by creating a plugin? This course aims to teach you how to create a WordPress plugin with Vue.js. This is how we are going to proceed, we are going to follow these steps carefully: Create a local WordPress, Build a Vue app with Vue CLI 3, Import Bootstrap as a CDN, Import others scripts that we will need, Use an API to display the weather, Turn our WP into an API, Call our database to get posts…During all these steps, we aim to master this plugin development process in order to develop anything we want with Vue inside WordPress.
★★★★★(5-star rating)

WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap – From Scratch
Danial Pervaiz via Udemy
Hey guys, My name is Daniel and in this course i will teach you how to create a WordPress theme with bootstrap from scratch with no prior experience. If you are a beginner and looking for a perfect course in WordPress theme development for beginners, Then this is the right place for you. In this course we are going to cover everything from the scratch. Enroll now!! in my course and learn WordPress theme development from scratch step by step. I’m also going to cover SEO for WordPress for ( Beginners ). With this course you can Master WordPress Quickly. i will show you how to step by step setting a wordpress theme from scratch.
★★★★★(5-star rating)

Complete WordPress course to develop website & online Store
Zeero Point via Udemy
A step by step easy path way to master wordpress. By the end of this course one thing that you would say wordpress piece of cake for me . This course is specially designed for beginners who have intentions of becoming an expert web developer. The course provides you all the detailed information in a way that by the end of it you would be able to create your own wordpress website. The course has been designed in a way that each one of you can understand and learn the procedure of making a website easily. The course not only trains you in making wordpress website but also guide you to make an online store. The course also includes the lectures about freelancing and earning through google AdSense.
★★★★★(5-star rating)

WordPress Complete Tutorial in Urdu + Hindi For Beginners
Jahanzaib Khan via Udemy
Are you looking to learn the complete online WordPress course? If yes, you are in the right place to get started with this course. Learn the complete WordPress from the Industry experts instructors from Basics to Advanced level, without learning how to code and without any programming required. The primary goal of this course is to teach anyone, even a complete beginner, how to become a WordPress guru in a few short hours, without lots of technical things to understand. This course will guarantee that after taking this course you will have the knowledge you need to build a responsive, beautiful website with the latest version of WordPress.
★★★★★(5-star rating)

How to create a blog using WordPress
Ricky Wahowa via Udemy
In this course you will learn how to build a simple WordPress Video/Posts Blog. Where you will be able to embed videos from your Channel on YouTube or Vimeo. You will also be able to create post artciles for your Blog. You will learn step by step and build your video intensive blog using one responsive WordPress theme. If you do not have hosting I will show you where to get hosting. You will learn how to maneuver through your Web Hosting area / Cpanel. Learn how to upload and Install CMSes such as WordPress . We will install WordPress. For coupons for the course and the related WordPress course for beginners be sure to check the website at bizanosa. The WordPress course for beginners is not a must, but I highly encourage you to take it, since it will put you at a better state than someone who has never used WordPress.
★★★★★(5-star rating)

WordPress for Beginners-Step by Step Tutorial
Abdul Ahmed via Udemy
This Course is for anyone willing to learn WordPress.You will learn how to create beautiful websites within a short period by using a plug in called Elementor that makes it easy to design web pages.No experience is required as the course will take you through all the steps involved.This course will guide you through the installation process to the final website. I will show you how to install WordPress locally in your machine and save money that would have been used for hosting.
★★★★★(5-star rating)

WordPress Course2021|Learn WordPress From Scratch Make Money
Vikash Mishra via Udemy
Have you ever tried to build your website but failed? Do you want to develop your own website but have no money to pay to developers? wiling to make money by designing websites? If yes I have a solution for you I have created an awesome course for you!! WordPress 2021 | Learn WordPress From Scratch Make Money Course is designed for beginners who don’t know anything about developing a website. In WordPress 2021 | Learn WordPress From Scratch Make Money Course you will learn everything required to develop your own responsive dynamic and interactive website from scratch. With WordPress powering more than 70% of all CMS websites in the world. There’s never been a better time to build an income and a business around it.
★★★★★(5-star rating)

Build WordPress ECommerce Store with Marketing Automation
Maurice Nyaoro via Udemy
Hi, I m Maurice and for the last 3 years I’ve been helping entreprenuers build top–class online stores using WordPress.Now I want to teach you how to build YOUR OWN ROBUST eCommerce store that has built in marketing automation with confidence. Most learning material out there only teaches you how to build eCommerce site but then they never tell you that TODAY having an eCommerce site is ONLY the beginning. You need a way to engage with your customers, to let them know what’s happening, introduce to them new offers as well as to identify and reward the ones that are most loyal to increase your business revenues. After this course you ll walk away with everything you need to feel confident building your own eCommerce website.
★★★★★(5-star rating)

WordPress Essential Training for Building Websites
Ajin Nikam via Udemy
WordPress Essential Training is the course which is fit for all from beginners to intermediate level learners. This course not requires any prior knowledge of any coding language, anyone who have a basic knowledge of computers and have access to internet can take this course. This four hour course have everything which requires for a beginners.After Taking This Course,You will get enough information about how to select domain names for your business as well as hosting account as per your requirements. You can install your own WordPress site on local computer. You can install your own WordPress site on Live Server means on Shared Hosting.You can easily create and manage post and pages and much more..
★★★★★(5-star rating)

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